Street Level

Street Level is a youth outreach project set up and run by six Christian churches in Carluke – six churches, four denominations, one God.

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Regular activities that take part in Street Level on a weekly basis include:

  1. Youth drop-in evenings
  2. A young carers group
  3. A special needs group
  4. Live music nights specialising in encouraging young local musicians
  5. Music tuition
  6. P7-1st transition groups, which seek to support young people in moving from primary to secondary education.

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The Street Level project was started in 1994 and initially concentrated on reaching young people on the streets of Carluke with no fixed premises available.

After a number of years, small premises were found in Hamilton Street and then eventually the existing

Street Level premises in Stewarton Street were purchased with the help of a grant from TSB.

This former pub/disco complex was converted to a multipurpose youth centre and still serves today as the operational premises for the project.

The aim of the Street level project from the start was to build up relationships with the young folk in the town and to let them know that God, and God’s people, cared what happened to them and to offer assistance where required to help them achieve their full potential. This aim remains the same today. The bulk of the young people who attend the centre have little or no church connection and the emphasis is on living and showing, rather than preaching and teaching, the Gospel.

Staffing of the centre consists of one full time Project Leader, four part time staff and a number of volunteers. In addition to the “hands-on” staff who

oversee the various activities within Street level there is a Management Group consisting of representative members from the six partner churches who contribute to the project.

Ongoing funding of the work of Street Level comes from a number of sources.

The major source is the Choices shop together with regular gift-aided donations from the six participating congregations. Additional funding comes from grants given from various bodies as well as contributions from South Lanarkshire council, mainly to cover costs associated with use of the premises by their youth service – Universal Connections.

Street Level is a living, working example of what the Church can achieve in the community when Christians work together with each other to achieve common goals.