Noah’s Ark

— for the youngest in our church family—from birth until they go to school.

The Story

Some years ago the leaders of our congregation decided that we should build our church ‘from the nursery up’. And so one of the priorities has been to ensure that we are a child-friendly church. In particular, we want all our pre-school children to feel that they belong to our church family from the very moment they are born. They are our VIP’s— something that we underline at every baptismal service.

NOAH’S ARK is part of our provision for the children of the church. It was a deliberate decision to bring together all pre-school children—babies, toddlers and those already attending a nursery, as we felt this was the best way to build this sense of belonging.

Noah’s Ark is not a crèche, nor is it a traditional ‘Sunday School,’ but it is a place for our youngest children to play, learn, have fun and belong. Although different activities may be provided for particular ages and stages, an important part of a Noah’s Ark session is the ‘Circle Time’ when everyone joins together.

The Staff

Skilled and experienced leaders are assisted by a number of volunteer helpers, approved by the Kirk Session (the minister and elders of the church) after the required PVG checks have been satisfactorily completed.

Parents and Carers

You will be asked to provide some basic information about your child, including a note of any allergies or health issues etc.

Parents may stay to see their children, especially babies, settled before re-joining the congregation. If you do stay, you are encouraged to “join in” with our activities. It is very important, however, not to have too many adults in the room on Sunday mornings, this can be overwhelming for some children.

Should your child be upset or need a parent at any time one of the leaders or helpers will come into the church to fetch you.

The Place

The Farron Hall was built especially with young children in mind and our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all pre-schoolers.


Visiting pre-school children are welcome to
join Noah’s Ark on Sunday mornings but please be aware there is limited space for accompanying adults. We suggest no more than one adult per child.

Young people in Church Services

The normal pattern is for everyone to be in Church for the first 20 minutes or so of the worship. During this time there may be a ‘Family Talk’ for all ages, or some other activity and songs in which the children may participate. This is also the time in the worship when Baptisms are conducted and the children of the church usually gather down at the front of the church on the raised area (chancel) with the minister.

It is our policy as a church to treat children as children and not to expect them to behave like adults, so we don’t mind a little bit of noise or some coming and going during this part of the service.

From time to time we also have All-Age Services, especially at Christmas, Easter, Harvest, Youth Dedication and Thanksgiving Services, and as the name suggests we try to provide something for all ages, including the youngest. However, in some of the All Age Services Noah’s Ark children will leave the Church at their usual time.

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