Our Buildings

our church is not the buildings – but it’s good for people to have places to gather together and our place is well used -seven days a week-by church people and by the wider community over the years we are constantly reviewed, adapted and added to what has been handed down to us from previous generations most of our premises can be hired out at very reasonable rates, though the use of the Sanctuary has to be agreed with the minister

The Sanctuary (main church building)

was constructed between 1832 and 1834 though with many alterations to the interior since then this is where regular Sunday services are held, as well as weddings and funerals as it is now quite a flexible space it is also used by youth organisations for end of session events the high quality av equipment and lighting and excellent acoustics also make it a good venue for concerts, dramas and even a number of pantomimes, some written and performed by our own church members. At Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and other special occasions our Creative Arts Group and Worship Work group work together to decorate the Sanctuary.


Church interior 6


The Upper Room

is situated upstairs in the main church building. it provides an intimate reflective space for small groups and for prayer and meditation.

The Small Hall

was constructed in 1849 (the same year in which the Manse was built) it is a comfortable space used by our youth organisations, the Guild, the Kirk Session and many community groups it is well equipped with its own multimedia system.



The Large Hall

was constructed in 1965.It is well used as a meeting place for youth organisations, including Sunday Junior Church, Scouts, Boys Brigade and Girls’Brigade. It is also home to Crossroads Café and the Coffee Club. Kirkton Players present most of their dramatic productions in this hall, which has a stage at one end. Many outside groups make use of the Large Hall, including Scottish Country Dancing and Tae Kwon Do.

The Faron Hall

was built in 1999 especially with young children in mind and our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all pre-schoolers
It is named after the late Mary Farron whose generous legacy supplemented by donations and fundraising efforts from the congregation financed the project This hall is widely used by both church and community groups, including Noah’s Ark, Kirkton Toddlers, all our uniformed youth organisations and other groups such as Scottish Slimmers, Carluke Young Farmers etc. It is also, along with the Large Hall and Kitchen, frequently hired out for children’s parties.



The Manse

Built in 1849 and enlarged in 1870, the Manse also underwent a major refurbishment in 2010, which included creating a Meeting Room for small group meetings.