Intimations for Sunday 21st July

WELCOME TO KIRKTON As we strive to provide a welcoming environment for all who worship here, all can play a part. Those who have worshipped here for many years can be kind and considerate to “new faces”, speaking to them and making room for them if they appear uncertain or hesitant when looking for somewhere it sit. Newcomers or visitors should feel free to speak to anyone, in particular our Welcoming Elder.

PRAYER  Our young members waiting on exam results

Dear God, we pray for our young people as they begin the wait for their exam results to arrive and to see if they have got the results that they need. Please give them strength if the results aren’t what they hoped for. Amen

TRAIDCRAFT The stall will be in its usual spot in the large hall after the morning service. We are well-stocked this week and have both chocolate and yogurt raisins in stock as promised. Why not come and have a look at what we have. Every purchase you make helps to make trade fairer for small producers in developing countries. Thank you for your continued support.

CLYDESDALE FOOD BANK  This weeks’ shopping list is fairly long! Sauce for rice, dried rice, sauce for pasta, tins of potatoes, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, soup, macaroni cheeses, ravioli, cooking oil, custard, cold meat, ladies and gent deodorants. 

Thank you to all for your continuing support. Open at 66 High St, Carluke from 10 to 12, Monday to Friday.

LAST DOCTOR OUT OF BIAFRA – the war zone journal of Dr Ann Jackson Copies of the book are on sale in St Johns on Thursdays from 10-12. Orders can be taken today after the service in the Large Hall. Please Liz Jackson or call 07936142256 to reserve your copy.

HOLIDAY CLUB Izzy and Iggy’s Inn will be open for a
COFFEE MORNING on Saturday 27th July from 10am-12noon at St
John’s Church hall. This is an opportunity to raise some funds for the
holiday club and also to allow any children not yet registered to do so.
Donations of baking and help will be very welcome.  
Following the coffee morning we will be setting up the hall for the
holiday club so we’d like to have as many of the club volunteers there as possible. The Club will run from Monday 29th to Friday 2nd August from 10.30-12.30 with the parents evening on Friday at 6.30pm.    

SCOTTISH AIR AMBULANCE – I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored our motorbike challenge to raise money for the Scottish Ait Ambulance. We raised a total of £2500. Thanks again, Kenny Wilson.

WALK WITH THE WORD: EXODUS Drama Kirk presents a dramatized walk, bringing to life Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert this summer. Experience the Exodus anew, from the Red Sea to the Promised Land, on an exciting journey. You will walk with some well-known bible characters and see dramatisations of temptations, trials and miracles.

The walk is less than a mile and the event will last an hour; but does include one steep incline. It takes place on Saturday 10th August in Chatelherault Country Park at 10am, Noon and 3pm. Tickets are free and are available through eventbrite –

JAM AND HAM FESTIVAL 2019. Entry forms for the Jampionships on Sat 21st September are available on the hall notice board.

VETERANS’ CHAMPION.  The Champion’s role is not onerous; in summary he or she would act as a focal point for Ministers who encountered Veterans in need within their Parishes by signposting to agencies that can support that need.  While there are some 260,000 Veterans in Scotland, only a very small proportion face the serious life challenges that may come to Ministers’ attention, so involvement in this role will be extremely infrequent. 

The Relationships and Context committee of Lanark Presbytery are seeking applications from people who would be willing to undertake this role. The person does not need to be an elder, or even a member of the Church, simply someone with the skills, personality and understanding to work with ministers and veterans to signpost to support.

Applications should be with the convener, Rev Mike Fucella ( no later than 16th August 2019. It would be helpful if the person applying could provide a brief outline of their experience in working with, or dealing with veterans to help aid a decision.

CHAPLAINCY TEAM AT THE STATE HOSPITAL, CARSTAIRS. Every week a service is held within the hospital and attended by some of the patients. Volunteers provide support and friendship to the patients with some volunteers having undertaken the role for over 20 years.

The Relationship and Context committee of Lanark Presbytery would be very happy to hear from individuals who would perhaps be able to give of their time to support this valuable ministry within our Presbytery area.

If you are interested in volunteering more information can be obtained from the convener, Rev Mike Fucella (

KIRKTON PRAYER CHAIN. – The congregation is encouraged to make prayer requests, as the need arises, via the confidential email address: Alternatively, you can use the yellow Prayer Request slips in the plastic wallets in the church chairs and pews. Give the first name or the initial of the person requiring and give brief details, place in the box in the vestibule marked “Prayer Requests”. Please advise of answers to prayer or any change in the situation via email or request slip. Prayer request are active for one month from date submitted. If further prayer is require then please submit another, updated request.


Mon 22 Joel 1.1-20 Tues 23 Joel 2.10-17
Wed 24 Joel 2.18-27 Thurs 25 Jonah 3.1-10
Fri 26 Zephaniah 3.8-20 Sat 27 Zechariah 10.1-12
Sun 28 Psalm 86.1-17