A Moment to Reflect

9 May 2020

A Moment to Reflect – 11

this forest is just outside Inveraray

One of the characters in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel “Unsheltered” says, 

“Most people look at a forest and say, ‘Here are trees and there is dirt.’ They will see nothing of interest until someone takes them by the hand. I am astonished by how little most people can manage to see.”

And yet, as another author, Matthew Sleeth, points out,

Trees are mentioned in the Bible more than any living thing other than God and people. And every major character has a tree associated with it. 

So, here are two things I’ve learned about trees. 

  1. Trees in a forest actually communicate with one another in order to protect each other, or so scientists now tell us.
  2. Trees are musicians. They make complex, percussive music simply by drawing up moisture from the ground. The snapping of cell walls under the pressure of the rising sap is what makes the sounds, but what is it that makes those sounds rhythmical and melodic?

Next time…take a closer look… and listen