A Moment to Reflect

13 May 2020

A Moment to Reflect- 14

You may recognise part of today’s quotation. I used it already some days ago. But today we see it in its wider context and its connection to the notion of ‘stillness.’

‘Maybe I have been living much too fast, too restlessly, too feverishly, forgetting to pay attention to what is happening here and now, right under my nose. Just as a whole world of beauty can be discovered in one flower, so the great grace of God can be tasted in one small moment. Just as no great travels are necessary to see the beauty of creation, so no great ecstasies are needed to discover the love of God. But you have to be still and wait so that you can realize that God is not in the earthquake, the storm, or the lightning, but in the gentle breeze with which he touches your back.’—Henri Nouwen

At the very beginning of the current ‘lockdown’ I was conscious of how much quieter everything was—no traffic, very few people about, no children playing, no construction going on. Immediately it was so much easier to hear the birds sing.

It was like being taken back to simpler times when most of the sounds people heard were natural. (Nowadays with smartphones and personal music systems, constant busy traffic and all kinds of mechanical noises around, quietness had become something that many people seem to have become afraid of.)

My favourite part of the day is early morning because I enjoy the quietness.

However, it is not essential to have quietness in order to experience stillness, but it is a good place to begin learning what stillness actually is.