A Moment to Reflect

25 May 2020

A Moment to Reflect -24

The times in which we live…

Today’s quotation-with no further comment- is a song I wrote in 2014

O God, your wounded world cries out
in grief and sorrow, pain and fear
and suffering causes some to doubt
that you are here beside us.
Restore our hope,
enrich our faith,
give us the courage to believe 
that in the darkest of our days
you’ll come and walk beside us.

When those in power abuse their trust
and crush the ones whom they oppose
the weak are trampled in the dust
yet you are here beside them.
Let mercy reign,
let justice flow,
tear down the walls of hate and fear
till in their place forgiveness grows
because you walk beside us.

When some are victims of deceit
and truth is twisted out of shape,
when lies define the battle-lines
come near and walk beside us
until we learn 
the ways of peace
and all can share the feast of life.
Then all the world shall come to see
You always walk beside us.

© Iain D. Cunningham 2014