A Moment to Reflect

25 June 2020

A Moment to Reflect -51


Continuing to think about singing in worship… can anything be more poignant than the words of the Psalmist in exile who looked back with longing to times of singing praise to God in the Temple? [Psalm 42]

Of course, we can sing God’s praise anywhere (and at any time) but for many of us there are memories of sacred places and special moments that we can look back on with a sense of wistful yearning as we compare those moments with the present.

Perhaps like the Psalmist, though, such memories of the past can also spark within us a sense of hope and anticipation for the future.

Many years ago, in a second-hand bookshop I purchased (for the princely sum of 20p) a little book bound in red leather. It is a translation of the Psalms by the late French Catholic Jesuit priest and composer, Joseph Gelineau. His translations of the Psalms beautifully capture the rhythms of the original Hebrew texts. He also follows the original Hebrew numbering, which makes this particular Psalm number 41.

Even in an English translation you can sense those rhythms and feel the depth of the Psalmist’s longing. Find a quiet place and let the Psalmist speak to you.


(Gelineau version)